I have been painting since 1995. Here is a bunch of them. Overall, I aim for a good balance between objective paintings like portraits and abstract exercises like the “Gestalt” series you’ll see here. I’ve worked in most painting mediums, but oil is my favorite one. It’s very difficult to get right, but it’s also the most capacious in terms of flexibility and depth: think of how Renaissance painters relished in layers of it. I usually paint on canvas and when I do I like to prepare it by re-applying base and then sanding it well to get a finer surface. I get worried about the longevity of my paintings, so I try to mix my own medium when I can instead of just squeezing paint out of tubes. From time to time I do commission work, so let me know if you’re interested. Thanks for reading.

Gestalt Exercises

Developments In Gold

Ladies & Gentlemen, and The Opera

Maria Callas